And we get to watch her every night and hang out with her musicians, who are all great, amazing players and fun people. MM: When you were doing that were you just jamming, or were you doing covers, or had you already started writing songs? Adding pianist Chris Burns and multi-instrumentalist Nansamba Ssensalo, the group released its debut, Soul Tub!, in 2008. I recently fell madly in love with an album called A Rivers Invitation by The California Honeydrops. This band of expert musicians has created a sound drawing from virtually all areas of African-American music - early folk and New Orleans music, blues, gospel, R & B and soul, creating an excellent and unique style. The California Honeydrops, led by dynamic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski, draw on diverse musical influences from Bay Area R&B, funk, Southern soul, Delta blues, and New Orleans second-line. June 25///Fountain Blues Festival///Los Gatos, CA The California Honeydrops. Certain songs wouldnt be working that we wanted to record. March 18///Peabody Opera House ///St. Louis, MO* That was an old band from the twenties. They've taken the party all over the world, playing festivals of all . It's my favorite one that we've made so far. "url": "" And were just gonna blow it out. A band whose members play half the instruments under the sun, who call the Bay Area of San Francisco home, they blend everything from old jazz and pre-blues with New Orleans funk and classic R&B. Lech Wierzynski. "@type": "Person", on location in Irwin, Colorado with Eleven Experience and Irwin GuidesLech Wierzynski - Guitar/VocalsSteve Heig. So, thats a headliner show in Cambridge? The whole point is to erase the boundaries between the crowd and us, Wierzynski says. We want requests. So, that we can stay in touch with whats actually going on in the room instead of just trying to nail a perfect set or something. What are some of your favorite cities to play in? Website - - - The Leszczyski family was a magnate family. You just go with the flow and if you make a mistake then you move on and no one even notices sometimes. We have been going out and playing three hours straight just to let loose a little bit. A lot of them kind of start out in my head or I write a lot of songs in my dreams. Nowadays we have management and stuff but we're still independent and want to keep it that way. I do believe I saw these guys busking one time. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The California Honeydrops singer and guitarist Lech Wierzynski shared a cover performance of Angel from Montgomery to the bands social media pages earlier this week. The California Honeydrops are a good-time band with an unmistakably Californian style, despite drawing on influences like Delta blues, gospel, and Motown. May 8///Park Tavern ///Atlanta, GA June 910 ///SFJazz Center ///San Francisco, CA That's been great. They actually threw us a fundraiser. We want crowd involvement and to make people become a part of the whole thing by dancing along, singing, and generally coming out of their shells., Ineffable Music GroupThomas Cussins / Reid Fosterinfo [at] cahoneydrops [dot] com, MINT Talent GroupJerry Limajerry [at] minttalentgroup [dot] com, Ivey PRMaria Iveymaria [at] ivpr [dot] com, Sugaroo!Michael Nievesmichael [at] sugaroo [dot] com. It's been great. And then I hash them out. Prior to the Honeydrops, Wierzynski worked as a session man for such musicians as Dan Hicks and Maria Muldaur, developing chops that later paid off in the band. And you've been touring with Bonnie Raitt, how's that been going? glise Saint-Jacques in Lunville was established by him in 1745. Suffice to say, Im very much looking forward to seeing the Honeydrops live next week on the 29th when they play the Boston Orpheum with Raitt. The Leszczyski family obtained the title of count of Leszno in the Holy Roman Empire. Wojtek ze Smolnicy", Wadysaw Lubicz" (ur. the official business page of Lech Wierzynski of the California Honeydrops. LW: Yeah. We also played a lot at the Castro Muni station. And he taught at Oberlin and so I studied with him. They came through with us for that. After moving to America, Lech expanded his appreciation of U.S. culture. Shes a great artist. I just had the real basic ideas. And we've been jumping up on her set sometimes, and we've had some of her band members come up and play with us during our set. Are you the one who writes all the songs or do you co-write them with the band? In 2016 and 2017, the Honeydrops were honored to play with Bonnie Raitt on her North America release tour, and in the past have been privileged to support the likes of B.B. LW: I mean, most of the people coming to our shows know the band and the songs we play. All About Jazz musician pages are maintained by musicians, publicists and trusted members like you. It's been out for a minute now. April 17 ///Keller Auditorium ///Portland, OR* #songoftheday / #amlistening = RED VELVET: UMPAH UMPAH & AN EDITORIAL: WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE ASIAN MUSIC ON LOVE IS POP? Years active. A few them them just kind of sprung up out of some jams that we did in between takes. Unlike many lead singers with his amount of talent, I found him to be very down to earth and an all around nice guy. Although he plays a wide variety of genre, theres no mistaking guitar, harmonica, banjo and ukulele player Taj Mahal. He passed on the love of old stuff to me: everything from Louis Armstrong to Sam Cooke.. Fans will be able to tune in and watch The California Honeydrops perform live later this month as part of Live For Live Musics Quarantine Comes Alive, a one-day virtual music festival featuring performances by more than 60 of our favorite artists on throughout the day on Saturday, May 30th beginning at 1:00 p.m. March 16///Detroit Opera House ///Detroit, MI* In 1473, Rafa Leszczyski obtained from Emperor Frederick III the title of count. Related: The California Honeydrops Share Live Video Of Live Learn From 2020 Denver Performance [Premiere]. MM: How did you finance the new album? I recently had a chat with frontman, guitarist and trumpet player Lech (pronounced Lesh) Wierzynski about the making of A Rivers Invitation and the bands tour with Bonnie Raitt. Lech Wierzynski is the Polish-born frontman and bandleader of The California Honeydrops. LW: I dont know the precise number of shows. There is another unrelated Leszczyski family with the Abdank coat of arms. An internationally touring band, the Honeydrops draw upon elements. You might just have an amazing time playing on a street corner. A modern blues band that tempers its retro inclinations with a contemporary flair, the California Honeydrops carved out a following on the international blues circuit in the 2010s. Lech Wierzynski Music. Friday Night Livestream Sessions with Lech Wierzynski of The California Honeydrops!25% Of All proceeds donated to our charities at That came probably about two, three, four years into my stay in the Bay. Til about December. People love to party, people love to sing along, and it's easy to get people loose and having. You can duck off into the woods at a festival and just have this amazing time playing there, you never know. June 4 ///Mishawaka Amphitheatre ///Bellevue, CO More like parties than traditional concerts, their shows feature extensive off-stage jamming and crowd interaction. This is a learning experience and an exposure experience for us as a band, you know? This record is all about love and good lovin and other things that matter, says frontman, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski of the new LP, which exhibits the Honeydrops unique musical style that draws from roots, Bay Area R&B, Southern soul, Delta blues, and New Orleans second line. LW: Its been good for us. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. Prine died from COVID-19 complications last month at the age of 73. Thanks also to Nick Mallchok at Sacks & Co. for setting it up! Your Sweet Love. Burns and Ssensalo would later leave the band, and the lineup would rotate relatively frequently as the California Honeydrops continued to tour and record for their Tubtone Records label in the 2010s. What are the advantages to being her opening act as opposed to headlining? MM: I know you dont make set lists and ask for requests. Thats what makes it interesting to me. Well, I really appreciate that. April 23 ///Fox Theater///Oakland, CA* Thats something that we really aim to do. Tell Me (I Wanna Know) I was very deep into old, old American music. The California Honeydrops frontman and founding member Lech Wierzynski may seem like an All-American Blues singer and player, but he was born in Warsaw, Poland. Theres no actual string bass on that record. MM: Do you prefer writing and recording music or performing live? Theres a few of my own little dream songs on there that I kind of just did myself. The band followed the release by embarking on their eighth European tour, a West Coast tour, and a performance at New Orleans Jazz Fest.[2]. King, Allen Toussaint, Buddy Guy, and Dr. John. Wierzynski spoke to SFist via phone, from his house in Oakland. MM: From when to when was the new album, A Rivers Invitation, recorded? "image": "", I think it's cutting edge but most people think our music is retro. And shes a very sweet, sweet lady. Its a song that i heard Bonnie sing each and every night when we toured with her and her band 3 years ago and i never got tired of hearing it. We started playing on the street, mostly. Were going out with her for about two months. His immersion in American culture was sought out and not inherited. Search instead in. Very lively bunch. Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox, Lech Wierzynski Of Bay Area Band The California Honeydrops, On Tour With Bonnie Raitt, Misses Playing In BART Stations, Rogue Butterfly Statue Goes Up in Golden Gate Park, But City Hall Swats It Down, Heklina Memorial Will Be a Block-wide Affair, With Outdoor Stage and Event Projected on a Closed Castro Street, SF Public Library Teaming Up With Amoeba Music To Create Bay Area Artist Streaming Platform. { Place Stanislas in Nancy was constructed between 1751 and 1755 . You got your start with the band in Oakland, but you're originally from Poland? June 3///Cervantes Masterpiece ///Denver, CO LW: Yeah, I took a lot of lessons for the trumpet. Prior to the Honeydrops, Wierzynski worked as a session man for such musicians as Dan Hicks and Maria Muldaur, developing chops that later paid off in the band. Wadysaw oziski z oziny herbu Lubicz, ps. And then I moved to Chicago. And it just kind of featured our different musical interests and styles. March 15///Sony Centre for the Performing Arts///Toronto, ON* She is exposing us to so many fans. When my dad was growing up in communist Poland in the 40s and 50s, old American music was illegal and therefore very cool, said Lech Wierzynski. Known for bringing vibrant energy and infectious dance-party vibes to their shows, the Honeydrops have taken the party all over the world, touring widely across North America, Europe, and Australia. Led by dynamic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski, and drawing on diverse musical influences from Bay Area R&B, funk, Southern soul, Delta blues and New Orleans second-line, The California Honeydrops bring vibrant energy and infectious dance-party vibes to their shows. They came up to me one day and they were like, Hey, whats it gonna take? So we've been loving life. My brother and I had to assimilate to modern American society, Wierzynski explains, so we loved all the popular stuff on the radio too, especially Hip-Hop, R&B. Boyce and Lightnin Malcolm, when Johnny our sax player said hey i can hear Angel from Montgomery over this groove, you should try singin it. April 29///Bayou Theater ///Houston, TX* On today's show I speak with Lech Wierzynski of the California Honeydrops.. I played with a couple of guys form Johnny Otis's old group, Shuggie Otis's dad, and there was a band I played in for a bunch of years with a lot of older cats. This year has also brought the Honeydrops return to live music with a fall national tour, their first headlining date at Red Rocks, as well as performances at festivals across the country including FloydFest, High Sierra, and Burning Man. Spent some time with him for like half a school year, a couple years in a row. Its not a song I ever planned on playing myself because her version seemed like the only one. The young Wierzynski was three years old. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Collective in Berkely. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Leszczynski research. Our weekly newsletter highlights our top stories, our special offers, and upcoming jazz events near you. Wed just start jamming something else. Search instead in Creative? Also in the group are Charlie Hickox on keyboards and Bo Bradberry on bass. Tell us why you would like to improve the Lech Wierzynski musician page. Thats one of the reasons why we do that. Its very far from California. Lech Wierzynski & Lorenzo Loera of The California HoneydropsSteve Height of T Sisters, Emily Day & The Knights, Cosmo AlleycatsThe Fox Den, Piedmont CANovemb. Sousaphones, strings, space echoesits all here. Soft Spot comes on the heels of Covers from the Cave, a cover album born out of pandemic livestream videos; live albums Remember When: Vol. The Leszczyski family used the Clan Wieniawa arms, and their motto was Qui Lescynsciorum genus ignorat, Poloniae ignorat. Have you been here before? April 26///Winspear Opera House///Dallas, TX* And we had washboard and we would do like Mississippi Sheiks. Even a little bit of old time Appalachian music, a little bit. I came here about 11 years ago after college [at Oberlin] with another of the founding members of the band [Ben Malament]. Were definitely looking forward to coming back again. Born in Warsaw, Poland, band leader and front man Lech Wierzynski started playing blues and jazz as a teenager at after-hours jam sessions in Washington D.C. After studying trumpet with Marcus Belgrave, Wierzynski launched his own career in Oakland. yellowstone county vehicle registration,
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